London Model Tramways

4mm scale model trams

"Old eyes fail and in time, build bigger models!"


 With Kingsway Subway and Dog Kennel Hill packed up awaiting a house move, my thoughts have turned to larger things. As an experiment I have built an O gauge HR2 from card. The model is far from complete but has given me a taste of the larger scale. At present there is no underframe detail or trucks, and I will think long and hard before I decide whether to motorise it or not.

The larger scale has many attractions, and the protoype model has gone together with not much more difficulty than the plastic kits I used for OO. Whether I will ever get around to motorising it, I'm not sure, but the thought is there.


Otherwise. the OO Kingsway will probably need a complete rebuild in order to be shown again -  it could be so much better next time round. Dog KennelHill needs a refurbishment in order to be presentable for further exhibitions.

Watch this space!

1/24 scale

Although not proceeding with the O gauge tram, I have been asked to build an HR2 to 1/24 scale as a static showcase model.

This picture shows some of the

initial parts required.








The lower saloon substantially complete. The model will be shown with one partition door open and one closed. The closed door would be that behind the driver.

The bulkhead windows were yellow in order to reduce reflections in the driver's windscreen.





A view into the lower saloon.















The lower saloon standing on it's bogies.










Upper deck in place awaiting the red outer panels.








 The ends of the upper saloon take shape.














 With the platforms and dash panels in place, it looks more like a tram. Lots more still to be done.










 Windscreens and staircases both fiddly to make are now fitted. A controller has been fitted - the brake lever is not yet installed however.

The step is shown in the raised position as the driver's handle indicates that passengers should be boarding at the other end.












Lifeguard gates now in place though lifeguard trays are not yet done. Plough carrier is now situated between the bogies - this particular HR2 car was never fitted with an overhead trolley pole.