London Model Tramways

4mm scale model trams


My range of 1/76 scale building kits is known as Kingsway Models.  It has a large selection of typical British buildings from the twentieth century. In addition to familiar 'High Street' models ,there are bus garages, tram and trolleybus depots, and Underground Stations. All of the kits are made from stout mounting card and require cutting out using a sharp knife on a cutting mat. Bostick All-purpose adhesive is recommended for assembly. Some examples of which may be of interest to tramway modellers are illustrated  below.



 Brixton Hill tram depot


A card kit of the frontage of Brixton Hill depot.


 Camberwell Tram depot



The kit provides the two entrances to the depot and a small office building.

Ealing Common Station 

One of a number of Underground Stations in the range.

Isleworth Trolleybus Depot

London Transport's Isleworth Trolleybus depot ran trolleybuses from 1935 to 1962.

Fulwell Tram / Trolleybus Depot


Fulwell has operated trams, trolleybuses and buses over its long history. The kit provides a long 38" frontage of the four sheds.



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Cinemas shops and other High Street buildings are also available.